Yahoo! Mail Client

Yahoo! allows it’s customers to send and receive emails from their Yahoo! email accounts. Doing this using the POP3 protocol, meaning that by default the emails are removed from your STN hosted email account.

1. Login to your Yahoo! email account.

2. Open the Accounts section, locted under the Settings cog. 


3. From the left-hand side click, Accounts


4. CLick the Add button, to the right of Accounts


5 Check the “Set up to Receive emails” box.


6. Enter the settings for your STN hosted email account.

Sending Name: Enter your name as it will appear on any sent email

Email Address: The STN hosted email address

Description: Describe this email account (i.e. My account with STN)

Username: Your full email address 

Password: Enter the password for the email account on your STN package.

Reply-to address: Enter your email address

Deliver email to: Choose which folder you would your like your emails delivered to (hint: you could set up a special folder just for the email account)

POP Server: Enter

Leave the default port of 995

Choose to NOT leave your email on the server by un-checking “Leave mail on POP server”.

Click Save.

At this point Yahoo! will require that you verify this email account. You should see a note stating the following:

“Check for a confirmation mail from Yahoo! Member Services. Click the link in the email to enable sending mails from this account. If you don’t see a confirmation email, try resending it.”


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