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Newsletters - Readers can't open them! E-mail
General Help Topics - Troubleshooting
Monday, 17 December 2012 17:24

Readers can't open my newsletter!

"I have received e-mails because customers are unable to open the most recent e-mail newsletter I sent. It arrives as a bunch of attachments including header.gif, etc. Non of the attachments can be opened. I sent a test mailing to myself and I can open it. but most customers cannot, including many who have said that they have not had this problem with my e-mail before."

This is most likely due to users who's SPAM settings are blocking the e-mail from fully loading, or to users who are not accepting HTML formatted e-mail.


1. Include a Plain Text version of the newsletter. You should probably add a text only copy of the newsletter in the "alternative Text Message" block below the main newsletter. This is built so that users who block HTML formatting can still read the text.

2. Avoid spam-looking subject lines (like "FREE!!!!"). Your readers may have Spam filters that are triggered by certain things. Certain words or symbols may be blocked more frequently. For example, a bunch of dollar symbols in your subject line ($$$) may trigger their system to block the e-mail or block the images from loading.

3. Ask your readers to 'whitelist' your sending address. You may want to request that your readers add your newsletter email address to their address book. This will help most systems accept incoming mail from that account.