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General Help Topics - Troubleshooting
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 09:07

I Have People Telling Me They Can't Email Me

This issue can be a challenging one to figure out. Typically they will get an emailed notification as to why they cannot email you. These notifications can be a challenge to read because they are technical in nature but the reason is generally there. 

The reasons why an email may not make it are

  1. They have the wrong email address. Be sure they do not have a typo. The email notification email they receive will typically have a 550 error message. 
  2. They are attempting to email you an attachment that may be too large of a file or virus protection software running on our server flagged it. They should be making large files available via a website or file sharing program like DropBox. 
  3. Their email server's IP address that it is sending from has been flagged as sending SPAM. This can happen if their email server or an email account on their email server has been compromised and has been sending out SPAM. Or if they are using a service provider like Comcast or Yahoo/MSN and many users are using that same IP address and someone has been sending out SPAM. The email response they receive will have this information in it with a link for more information. They will need to contact their IT person or service provider to fix this.

In some case we may be able to help determine what the issue is on their end. Please go to this support form or have the sender go to this support form and fill it out


Troubleshooting Sending or Receiving email

"I can receive email okay, but I can't send email any longer. I get a connection error."

Your internet service provider may have blocked your Outgoing Mail Port.

Solution: Update your eMail application's Outgoing Mail Port number .


Webmail Accounts in Chrome

"I have two Email accounts, but I can only get to one of them. My browser doesn't let me login to the other account."

If you are using webmail and your browser automatically logs you into your last used account, this is because you have enabled a "save my passwords" (or similar) option. To login to you other account, you need to clear your current session data, and then go to the entry url again (


1. Clear your browser cache & saved passwords
2. Restart your browser

Webmail shows Login Attempt Failed

1. Make sure you're logging in with the correct address:

2. Both email address and password are case sensitive. Please make sure that your email address is entered as all lower case in the username field and that your password is correct. You can (and probably to have Upper and lowercase characters in your password)
3. If you are certain that both username and password are entered correctly, try resetting the password for the email account from the control panel.

How much mail can I have stored on each email account?

You can store up to the limit of storage available on your hosting account. However, there may be limitations set by you specific to each email account you have setup. For example, you may create an account for an employee and limit their disk usage to 1 Megabyte. This includes any attachments that may be included with the e-mail message. If your e-mail reaches the limitation, any additional incoming e-mail will bounce and thus, will not be delivered.

Why am I getting a authentication error when I try to send a email from my email client?

Make sure that your email client has SMTP authentication checked/enabled for the email account. Set authentication.


Email Password Problems

Both email address and password are case sensitive. Please make sure that your email address is set to all lower case in the username field and that your password is correct.

If you are certain that both username and password are entered correctly, try resetting the password for the email account from the control panel.

Does Email on the server count towards my allotted space?

Yes. Any e-mail you have stored on the server counts as storage for your account. This is one reason we recommend not storing e-mail on the server. Once you download and read your mail, you should ensure that your e-mail client deletes the mail from the server.

In the configuration settings for your e-mail client, make sure that you do not have the option selected to "Leave mail on server" if you do not wish to store e-mail on the server.

My Email is Showing the Wrong Date or Time.

You may see an incorrect date/timestamp for incoming and outgoing email if you have not yet set your timezone.

Actual time sent/received: 12:14pm PST on Nov 19th

Webmail shows: Tue, Oct 30, 2012, 9:14 PM

This is fixed if the by logging into your webmail account and changing the 'Time offset' settings to your time-zone.

timezone time-zone timeoffset time-offset time offset




Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 October 2015 12:01