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TGTG Manufacturer Names E-mail
Shopping Cart - Manufacturers/Brands
Tuesday, 30 August 2016 08:52

This support page is for The Good Toy Group (TGTG) members participating in data uploads.


Any differences between manufacturer names in your STN website and the TGTG data that is pushed to your website will cause duplicate, similarly named manufacturer records to be created. This can mean extra work for the store owners in trying to keep your website brands page looking clean.


In an effort to reduce the amount of work required to keep this clean, we are publishing the following Manufacturer Naming Table. If you adopt the following names on your website, the TGTG products upload will align with your brands listings.

download Excel File here: tgtg-mfg-names.xlsx


TGTG Mfg Names Updated Date Name to Use for CSV Upload
Aloka 09/01/16 Aloka
American Jewel 02/28/17 American Jewel
Andrews McMeel Publishing 05/03/17 Andrews McMeel Publishing
Ann Williams Group 09/01/16 Ann Williams Group
Asmodee 09/01/16 Asmodee
B4 Adventure 09/01/16 B4 Adventure
Baby Paper 02/28/17 Baby Paper
Be Amazing Toys 09/01/16 Be Amazing Toys
BigMouth 05/04/17 BigMouth
Blankie Tails 02/28/17 Blankie Tails
Bling2O 05/05/17 Bling2O
Blue Orange Games 09/01/16 Blue Orange Games
Bojeux 09/26/16 Bojeux
Bruder Toys 09/01/16 Bruder Toys
C & A Scientific 09/01/16 C & A Scientific
California Creations 09/01/16 California Creations
Carma Games 09/01/16 Carma Games
Cassidy Lab 02/28/17 Cassidy Lab
Ceaco 09/01/16 Ceaco
Cheeky Chompers 02/28/17 Cheeky Chompers
Chronicle 05/06/17 Chronicle
Compendium 05/07/17 Compendium
Corolle 09/01/16 Corolle
Crazy Aaron's Putty World 09/01/16 Crazy Aaron\'s Putty World
Creative Education of Canada 09/01/16 Creative Education of Canada
Dial Books 05/09/17 Dial Books
Diggin Active 09/01/16 Diggin Active
Discover with Dr Cool 09/01/16 Discover with Dr Cool
Douglas Toys 09/01/16 Douglas Toys
Dreamland Fairy 09/01/16 Dreamland Fairy
EDC Usborne 05/10/17 EDC Usborne
Educational Insights 09/01/16 Educational Insights
Elenco Electronics 09/01/16 Elenco Electronics
EPOCH Everlasting Play 05/11/17 EPOCH Everlasting Play
Everest Wholesale 09/01/16 Everest Wholesale
EzyRoller 09/01/16 EzyRoller
Faber-Castell 09/01/16 Faber-Castell
Fat Brain Toys 09/01/16 Fat Brain Toys
Fine Family Fidgets 03/23/17 Fine Family Fidgets
Flip 'N' Check 09/01/16 Flip \'N\' Check
Franklin Sports 09/01/16 Franklin Sports
Fremont Die 09/26/16 Fremont Die
Glitter Nation 05/12/17 Glitter Nation
Great Circle Works 09/26/16 Great Circle Works
Green Toys 09/01/16 Green Toys
GUND 05/08/17 GUND
Hachette Books 05/08/17 Hachette Books
Hape Intl 09/01/16 Hape Intl
Harper Collins 05/14/17 Harper Collins
Haywire Group 09/01/16 Haywire Group
Hog Wild 02/28/17 Hog Wild
It's Fidgety 05/17/17 It\'s Fidgety
Jungo Toys 09/01/16 Jungo Toys
Kahootz 09/01/16 Kahootz
Kent Displays 09/01/16 Kent Displays
Kid O Toys 05/15/17 Kid O Toys
Klutz 09/01/16 Klutz
Laser Pegs 09/01/16 Laser Pegs
Learning Resources 09/01/16 Learning Resources
LEGO 09/01/16 LEGO
License 2 Play 09/21/16 License 2 Play
Magformers 09/01/16 Magformers
Marky Sparky 09/01/16 Marky Sparky
Melissa & Doug 09/01/16 Melissa & Doug
Micro Kickboard 09/01/16 Micro Kickboard
Mindscope 09/01/16 Mindscope
MindWare 09/01/16 MindWare
Mobi 09/01/16 Mobi
Mukikim 09/01/16 Mukikim
National Sporting Goods 09/01/16 National Sporting Goods
Neat Oh! International 09/01/16 Neat Oh! International
Next Generation Distributors 02/28/17 Next Generation Distributors
North Star Games 09/01/16 North Star Games
Odyssey Toys 09/01/16 Odyssey Toys
OgoSport 05/19/17 OgoSport
OOLY 02/28/17 OOLY
ORB Factory 09/01/16 ORB Factory
Original Toy Company 09/01/16 Original Toy Company
Peaceable Kingdom 09/01/16 Peaceable Kingdom
Pencil Grip 09/01/16 Pencil Grip
Pixel Press - Bloxels 09/01/16 Pixel Press - Bloxels
Play Monster 09/01/16 Play Monster
Plus-Plus USA 05/20/17 Plus-Plus USA
Ravensburger  09/01/16 Ravensburger
Relevant Play 05/21/17 Relevant Play
Sago Sago Toys 09/01/16 Sago Sago Toys
Schylling Toys 09/01/16 Schylling Toys
Skullduggery 09/01/16 Skullduggery
Spikeball 05/22/17 Spikeball
Squishable 09/01/16 Squishable
Tangle Creations 05/24/17 Tangle Creations
Tegu 09/01/16 Tegu
Thames & Kosmos 09/01/16 Thames & Kosmos
ThinkFun 09/01/16 ThinkFun
Three Cheers for Girls 05/25/17 Three Cheers for Girls
Thumbs Up 05/26/17 Thumbs Up
Toysmith 09/01/16 Toysmith
Two Bros Bows 09/01/16 Two Bros Bows
University Games 09/01/16 University Games
USAopoly 09/01/16 USAopoly
Valtech - MagnaTiles 09/01/16 Valtech - MagnaTiles
Waboba 05/29/17 Waboba
Watchitude 09/01/16 Watchitude
Westminster 09/01/16 Westminster
Winning Moves 09/01/16 Winning Moves



  • If you first import a manufacturer from the STN Import Tool, you will also acquire the Mfg's logo and description (when populated). You can then change that Mfg's name to the TGTG name, and all three sources will be in sync (STN data, your website, and TGTG data)
  • STN Help Pages: MFG Video Overview
  • The STN Manufacturer Mapping tool is used to align Mfg data for items imported from the STN database.
  • New names will be added to the above table as they are added to the TGTG upcoming catalog issues.
  • If you choose to use the names above, it can reduce your workload. If you choose to use other names, that's cool as well. 
  • Learn more about The Good Toy Group's services for retailers
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 May 2017 16:24