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Creating Newsletters E-mail
Components - Newsletters - Letterman
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 15:35

Newsletters are managed from within the Letterman component.

Components >> Letterman


To create a new newsletter, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Newsletter Manager.

Components >> Letterman >> Newletter Management



Step 2. Click the 'New' button.


Step 3. Click the 'Insert Template" button or just start creating your newsletter from scratch.





Step 4. Locate the desired newsletter template, click the filename to select it, then click 'Insert'


Step 5. Replace the sample text with your new copy.

Highlight the text and write new, or paste in some copy you've already written.


If you're composing in the Editor, hit "Apply" regularly. It's easy to get distracted, time out the system, and lose your changes.

Step 6. Swap out the images.

Click on the existing images, click the Insert/Edit Image button, and choose new images.

You can also just delete the images and upload new ones, of course.


You should leave the header and footer images if you have them. Smile

Step 7. Create links to your site!


You can link back to products, coupons, categories, manufacturers, etc.


One of the main goals of a newsletter is to get people to visit your site. Even if you're announcing an in-store event, consider linking back to your site for more information.

Step 8. Write a subject line.


You need to type a subject line for the email blast before you save it.

A subject line that relates to the content of the email and offers something (some of) your customers want is more compelling than a generic one.

Here are three we may have used. Which is best?

"Greetings from Specialty Toys Network!"
"April Newsletter - for Specialty Toy Retailers"
"Lego and Haba added to STN database."

Your past newsletters will be labeled by subject line. If they're all the same, you'll have to click each one to see what it is.


Step 9. Hit the Save button once you are done.


Next, you'll Publish the newsletter, and Send it!


Last Updated on Thursday, 07 November 2013 16:12