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Components - Newsletters - Letterman
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 15:37

The MailChimp API makes it easy for programmers to integrate many of MailChimp's powerful features into other applications. To get started setting up MailChimp to communicate with Letterman and your website you will first need a MailChimp account. If you do not have an account, go to to get started. Next you will need to have a list created on MailChimp and generate an API key code. Lets step thorugh the process:

MailChimp Steps:

  1. Create a mailing list that you will want your STN website to communicate with (supports only one list).
  2. Get your MailChimp list ID and write it down. You will need this for the Letterman configuration.
  3. Generate a MailChimp API key code and write it down.

Letterman Steps:

  1. While logged into the administrative back-end of your STN site go to Components >> Letterman >> Configuration. 
  2. Here you will need to now populate the fields with the MailChimp information that hopefully you wrote down during the MailChimp steps above.
  1. The "Default email from address" is the address that Letterman will use as the "Send From" so if any onyone replies to the newsletter the reply will come to this email address. *This is only applicable to Letterman and newsletters being sent using Letterman
  2. Check the box to enable the MailChimp API communication. 
  3. Enter the MailChimp username that you use to log into your MailChimp account.
  4. Enter the MailChimp password that you use to log into your MailChimp account.
  5. Enter the API key that you generated on the MailChimp site.If you do not have a MailChimp API key then refer to step 3 above under "MailChimp Steps".
  6. Enter the mailing list ID that you want the site to communicate with. You can only communicate with one list on MailChimp. If you do not have the unique mailing list ID please refer to step 2 above under "MailChimp Steps".