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Lightspeed sync with woocom E-mail
Wordpress & WooCommerce - POS Syncing
Thursday, 09 July 2020 13:04

A couple options we recommend for syncing Lightspeed Retail with WooCommerce.


both of which include 3rd party costs as noted below:

(Please Note: these do NOT integrate with Lightpseed eComm. It is specific to Lightspeed Retail.)


one way sync - pushing from LS to website via Woocommerce Lightspeed plugin - $80/yr, no addt'l monthy... least expensive solution, with basic features (building core items, syncing QOH & $)

  • simpler to manage

  • all within website dashboard

  • you connect website to Lightspeed, then it builds a list of all LS items. You choose what to add to website

  • the plugin then updated website QOH and price for the items going forward (basically real-time)

2. OCTOPUS BRIDGE from 24SevenCommerce
two-way sync between LS and Woocommerce via Octopus bridge (lots more data points and order building into LS - $500 up front + monthly (varies, but about $50/mo)

  • more complicated to mange

  • separate Octopus bride console to work with.

  • Overall more powerful.

  • This system is designed to allow you to connect LS to multiple 'channels'... the woocom website would be the main channel. you could expand as desired later to push to other channels, eg: amazon, eBay, Google Shopping.

note: STN setup will also include billable support time.