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Shopify PDBHub Overview E-mail
Components - Shopify App
Friday, 17 April 2020 13:01

The Shopify PDBHub App can help you manage products on your shopify site

by hooking in the STN Product Database and pull in relevant product information.


Product Update Details

  • Fields to be overwritten
    • Product Name
    • Product Description (STN Full Description)
    • Product Weight (as lb)
    • Product UPC
    • Vendor
  • Fields to be appended, duplicates will not be created
    • Product Categories (as Tags)
    • Product Fundamentals (as Tags with prefix 'FUNdamental:')
    • Product Keywords (as Tags)
    • Product Ages (as Tags with prefix 'age')
    • Images (First 5)

Product Matchup Fields

For best results when matching products we recommend that you have

the following information filled in for each product that will be going through the matchup.


First the Barcode(1) field should be filled in with either the UPC, EAN, or ISBN of the product.


Next the Vendor(2) of the product should be assigned, and the Vendor/MFG SKU(4) should be filled in as well.

To edit the Vendor/MFG SKU(4) click on the PDBHub Custom Fields(3) button

under the More actions tab at the top of the Edit Product page.


Adding Products to Matchup and Starting Matchup

Once all that is filled in add the product to the STN Matchup(5) collection and

go to the PDBHub Sync(6) app on the Shopify Apps page and

click the Click here to begin a product matchup(7) link to schedule a product matchup.

Once scheduled (8) to products will be run through the matchup process shortly

and the relevant product details will be updated.








Once the matchup has been completed you can see which products have successfully matched up by going to the STN Matched(9) collection.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 10:35