About Domain Management

Your domain is the primary address for your website and e-mail, e.g. MyToyStore.com. We will assist you in registering a new domain or updating your current domain(s). If you want us to, we will also manage your domain(s) for you on an ongoing basis. What does this mean?

1. Setting up the domain – In most cases, your domain(s) DNS Addresses will need to be changed to point to our web servers. In some cases, advanced routing will need to be set. If you want to manage your own domains please ask your project manager for DNS Addresses.






2. If you choose to manage your own domain – We will assist in setting up the domain so it points to our web servers correctly, but you will be responsible for maintaining the annual registration renewal, and for making any future domain setting changes.

3. If you choose to have us manage your domain(s) – We will manage the domain and pay for its annual renewal fees, but you still own it. We will be listed as the Administrative, Technical, and Billing contacts for your domain name, and you will be listed as the Registrant (owner).

If you want us to manage the domain(s), we will need to Transferring Domains to our registrar, GoDaddy.com. The “registrar” is the record holder for domain names. Think of this as a virtual filing cabinet. Moving the registration from your current registrar to our GoDaddy account allows us to manage multiple domains efficiently. 

Multiple domains – As a full STN Member, there is no charge for us to manage your primary domain. We do charge a yearly fee of $17.50 for each additional domain* that we manage on your behalf. Typically extra domains are “parked” (also called “forwarded”) – which means they point to your main website.  Please let your project manager know about any domains you wish us to manage.

Ownership – You retain all ownership to the domain(s), of course – we simply require the single registrar system for efficiency. 


Domain Enhancements – We offer a wide variety of domain enhacement services through GoDaddy, including: Business Registration, Private Registration, Protected Registration, Extended Registration, and More. Contact us to inquire about any domain enhancements.


Custom Domains (TLDs & FSBO) – We can also register custom domains for your business. New Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as “.toys” are available. Or we can purchase privately owned domains for you (For Sale By Owner). The cost for any TLD or FSBO domains will be quoted per request.*

If you have any questions, give us a call!



* With STN Membership, your primay domain is FREE, and additional domains are $17.50/yr (TLDs and FSBO domains are extra).

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