Events Calendar

Use the included Calendar of Events component to create and schedule upcoming events for your store.

Events are categorized (Storytime, Local Events, Sale Days, Etc), and you can create as many categories as you like. The Event descriptions can have images, video, links to products, etc. You can create classes as Events and link to the matching “products” in your shopping cart. A class might have a price, a “quantity” to limit enrollment, and “over-rides” to keep from charging shipping or tax on them, as applicable.
In addition to weekly or on-off events, you can also make complicated recurring events, such as “Last Saturday of the month,” or “Every Third Thursday.”
Our system compiles your info, automatically creating an easy to use web calendar. Visitors can jump from month to month, or get a quick overview of events for the day. By clicking on an event, they will see a detailed description of the event. 


Would you like to view a live working calendar? Visit our demo store.


Note – if you already use Google Calendar, it’s simple to insert that into your site and turn off the Events Calendar component.



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