List of Vendors

Video: Vendors Status

To see all of the vendors that STN is working with as well as the status of their product information you will need to go to the “Vendors” tab on the STN Import component. This listing of vendors will give you the ability to also send requests as well as flag concerns on the vendor’s product data.

Vendors tab on the STN Import tool


By clicking the information button () you will be able to see the manufacturer’s current status in the STN database, the logo and contact information for that manufacturer, and our processing notes for that vendor. This screen will also give you the option to request that we get an update from this manufacturer.

By clicking on the flag button () you will be able to check concerns that you have about the quality of the data as well as put in a request to get a specific manufacturer’s data in the STN database. If you do not see a vendor in the list then please send your vendor requests to and please provide contact information for the vendor.

By clicking on the email button (email product data request) you can send in a request to the manufacturer that will also CC us so that we know we can follow up with them. If the email address is different than the email address you have on record then please add the email address you have for that manufacturer and we will update our records. 


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