Checking Stock


If you want to, you can have your cart system automatically check your stock level of products.

 This setting is managed in the  Shopping Cart >> Admin >> Configuration settings.

Stay in the Global tab, and scroll down to the Core tab on the left side.


If Check Stock? is enabled, your cart system will not allow shoppers to add more items to their cart than are available in stock.

If Show Products that are out of Stock is enabled, products that are currently not in Stock (zero inventory by default) are displayed to shoppers.* Otherwise such products are hidden from shoppers.

You can also set the cart’s  Out of Stock threshold quantity to a value greater than zero. The cart will then treat all items as not in stock when the stock quantity reaches this threshold.


If you have “Show Products that are out of Stock” checked, and a shopper tries to add a product with 0 inventory to their cart, the system will let them know that there are not enough items currently in stock to fill the order. 


 The shopper can choose to leave their e-mail address so that they will be notified when the product is back in stock.*

*NOTE: When “Show Products that are out of Stock” is enabled, you should check the Out of Stock Notifications list on a regular basis (we suggest weekly).  This page track the notification requests, and allows you to notify your shoppers that the products requested are now available on your web store.



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