Remove Credit Card Numbers

It is a good practice to remove (clean out) Credit Card Numbers for orders once you have finished processing the order. This page describes the steps for manually removing credit card info from order(s).


NOTE: The cart system also provides configurable, automated settings for cleaning up card data.

See the CC Number Scrubber help page for those options:


To Remove Credit Card Numbers for a SINGLE Order:

Step 1. Open the List Orders Page

Step 2. Open the Order Details Page (click the red order number) for the order to wish to edit

Step 3. In the Purchase Order summary info block (top left), click the Remove Number button


Step 4. Click OK in the alert message window.

Note: You can still see the Name, Date, and Last 4 Numbers of the credit card used for the order by opening the Purchase Order Print View.

(click the Print View icon for a specific order)

To Remove Credit Card Numbers for ALL Orders:

Step 1. In the drop menu for Orders, select Remove All Card Numbers


Step 2. Click OK in the alert message window.

!!! You cannot undo this step so be sure this is what you want to do !!!



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