STN Import Tool

One great benefit of your STN Membership is that you can quickly import products from the STN Master Database. When you import a product from the Master Database, a copy of the product is made on your site with all the details associated with it.

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How To Import Products

  1. Go to the STN Import Tool from your Admin “Home”

  2. Find Products to import (by name, brand, category, etc)

  3. Click Import in the product’s row

  4. “Map” Manufacturers and Categories (if necessary)

  5. Edit the product (optional)

  6. Click “Import” at the bottom of the Editor Window


Some facts about importing:

  • Importing from the Import Database creates a COPY of that product on your site, in your site’s own database.

  • If the product information changes in the Import Database, it will not change the information on your site.

  • If you make changes to the information, it is on your site alone.

  • Once you import a product, you are protected from double-importing, even if you change the SKU.

  • If you need to RE-import a product, you must first delete the current copy on your site.

Product Matchup Service

If you have a large number of products you need added, we can assist you with our Product Matchup Service.

How it works:

  1. You send us a report from your POS system

  2. We query our main product database to match-up all the product that we can

  3. We import those items into your website’s cart system

  4. We then change the product_sku for each item to use your item number (or equivalent), so you can sync your POS-to-website

The product match-up works best when we get a POS report from you with the following fields. The Report should be in a CSV, Excel, or similar spreadsheet format.


Required Fields:

  • Item Number (your primary ID – should be unique to each product)

  • Item Name (Product Name)

  • UPC Code

Additional Suggested Fields: (these fields will enable us to double-check the matches & match-up more products):

  • Vendor ID

  • Vendor Name (Manufacturer’s name)

  • Vendor Item Number (Item number the Manufacturer uses)

  • EAN Code

  • ISBN Code

Optional Fields:

  • Price (your Product Retail Price)

  • Category (your Primary Category)

  • On Hand Qty (Inventory Count)

For more information on the Product Matchup Service, please contact us!


 If the product or manufacturer you want is not in the Import Tool, please let us know. You can always create a product from scratch, as well.


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