SEO Manager


Your SEO Manager is accessible by clicking on Components > SEO Manager

The SEO Manager is user-friendly (you can’t break things too badly). The Formula Editor doesn’t allow bad formulas (the tab turns red and it tells you what to change)

Use the SEO Manager to:

  • Create custom URL and page Title formats for your website. (SEF Formulas)
    • Products
    • Shopping Categories
    • Manufacturers
    • Articles (content items)
    • Ages
    • Gender
  • Download an XML product feed from your site to push Google Base (Feeds)
  • Submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo!, Bing and (Sitemap)
  • Download your sitemap to submit to any other tool or search engine. (Sitemap)
  • View your URL redirects by type (see above) (Redirects)
  • Upload a set of redirect URLs (Import) – not explained fully yet.
  • Export your SEF URLs (Export)
  • Add your Google Analytics ID (UA- number) and Webmaster ID (Settings)
  • Clean up duplicate or problematic URLs (Refactor)

Of course, good SEO practices still include:

  • Good product Short (META) Descriptions
  • Category descriptions
  • Manufacturer descriptions
  • Page and content item META descriptions
  • Image ALT tags, etc.
  • Inbound links to your site 
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