Product Search Module

To set up your product search/filter module, login to the back-end of your site and go to:
Shopping Cart >> Admin >> Configuration >> select the Site tab >> select the Searching Sub-tab




To turn the search module on, you will need to check the box next to “Show filter at the top of each browse page“.


You can enable”Auto-Complete Search” options. When active, users will be shown a preview of available search terms as they type in the search box.




Select which options to offer in the search module.

This is important. If you aren’t populating products with gender details, for example, turn this options off. You don’t want a shopper searching by attributes you haven’t set up, because nothing will display!




Define your “Filter price ranges,” which sets up the ranges the customer can select to shop in. 

Note: Don’t leave gaps: “Under $9″ and “Between $10 and $20″ will skip anything priced at $9.01 to 9.99!


You can add additional price ranges using the “Add Price Ranges” option below the existing ranges.

Cool Tip! You can also use the price filter ranges in a sidebar menu module (similar to the Search by Category or Search by Manufacturer menu modules) You’ll need to ask your project manager to activate this menu module for you.



Choose the default product order. When a customer clicks on a category, all of the products will first be displayed in the order you set here.*


note: we recommend leaving this setting set to “Name”


(*The shopper can then choose to display search results in a different order if you check Available Sort by Options in the next settings)



Choose the ordering schemes available. Choose which fields the shopper will have available to select from for the ordering of the products.




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