Backup Your Data

Before you work with your site’s data, BACK IT UP! We advise you to do it twice – once on the system, once locally. We can roll your site back to yesterday, last week, or last month, but you lose all the work (and orders) you did since then.

Backing up the data is easy, and means you won’t have to call us up whispering, “can you restore all our products before the boss finds out?” 

Step 1. Backup your data with the Backup option.

Back up Product Data

Step 2. DOUBLE-Backup your data locally by exporting a CSV with “default ordering” and saving it to your computer. Use ^ and ~ (carat and tilde). You can always send us this file and we can restore your data. Save it to a location you can find again, or a dedicated folder for web-data backups.



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