Payment Processors Overview

You have many different payment processing options.


Where to set up your payment processor(s)

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go to Shopping Cart >> Store >> List Payment Methods


Payment Processors (aka. Payment Methods)

Here is a list of payment methods supported by your Specialty Toys Network site. If you need a payment processor or gateway that is not listed, please contact us. We can provide an estimate for the time and cost.


Manual Credit Card Processing: With the manual process your site will capture credit card information from your customer during checkout. The credit card number is split in two parts for security purposes. Part of it will be stored in the order information and the other part will be e-mailed to you. You will combine the number, and manually key it into your store credit card machine or POS. More info on Manual Credit Card processing >>

There is no cost for this method (except the normal charges from your merchant account). This is a good way to get started and then later you can move to a dynamic payment processor.


Dynamic Payment Processing: This method sends the customer’s credit card information directly to your Merchant Account for automatic approval and/or processing. Dynamic processing requires that you have a merchant account and a Payment Gateway.


Note: Do you need a Gateway to connect to your existing Merchant Account? See


PayPal: You can let your shopper pay with PayPal. You need to have a PayPal account in place. Learn about Paypal Checkout setup.


Cash On Delivery: This method is commonly used with the “Pick Up at Store” shipping method. With C.O.D., a shopper can place an order, then pay when they pick it up.


Purchase Order: This method will take a purchase order number that you can then use to invoice the customer.


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