Offer Free Shipping


Setting up Free Shipping on your shopping cart can be done a couple of different ways and the method you should use is determined by what shipping calculators/modules you are using.


Step 1. Setting Up Free Shipping for USPS, UPS, and Flex Shipping

You can easily offer your shoppers free shipping when they make a purchase totaling X amount. For example, free shipping for all orders over $69.00.

This is a level for Global Free Shipping (example: 50 means Free Shipping when the customer checks out with $50 or more (before tax). Set to 0 for no Global Free Shipping. This Global Free Shipping overrides any other shipping calculator costs.


To set this up:

  1. Go to Shopping Cart >> Store >> Edit Store

  2. Enter an amount free shipping (under your logo)

  3. Click Save

To remove the free shipping option, reset the value to 0.00. (see below for additional notes)

How to set free shipping


Step 2. Setting up Free Shipping for “Standard Table Based Shipping” calculator/module

The table based shipping module can have a shipping cost of “0.00” for cart totals over a certain amount. In the example below you will see that I have shipping costs to be 0.00 for cart totals over 75.

Free Shipping tables base configuration




When changing Free Shipping options, keep in mind that you should check & update related content and promotions.

Here are some common places to check:


  • Shipping Rates information page (have you written in your shipping policy that you offer free shipping at a specific threshold?)
  • Promo Banners
  • Home Page promo statements & menu links
  • Front Page Slide Show
  • Cart Checkout Messages
  • Newsletter statements
  • Shipping Calculators  (check to make sure you are consistent, especially if using table based shipping calculators)
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