Domain Renewal Alerts

We currently use GoDaddy to manage domain registration services for our clients. In most cases, your domain(s) is set to automatically renew on the evening of it’s expiration date. 

GoDaddy’s domain notifications policy:

GoDaddy email us about all upcoming domain renewals. They also send copies of the “your domains are about to expire” emails to the listed registrant (that’s you). Unfortunately, these emails reference all upcoming domains in the STN general account, including domains that are not associated with your domain. This leads to a lot of confusion, but we have talked to GoDaddy repeatedly about this, and it does not appear they will change this anytime soon.

We understand your domains are very important to your business. Please feel free to check with us if you have any questions. 




“I just got an expiration notice. Do I need to do anything?”

As a full STN Member, your primary domain is included in your membership, and you will not receive notifications from us about your primary domain. We will email you invoices or receipts for any additional domains we are managing on our behalf. If you get a notice from anyone besides Specialty Toys Network, Gearbox Studios (our parent company) or GoDaddy regarding the domains we are managing for you, it’s probably a scam.


“GoDaddy just emailed me to say the domain expired today! What’s up?”

You may get an alert from GoDaddy on the same day that your domain is set to renew. This is another little wrinkle of confusion in their system, as the auto-renewal takes place at the end of the day, but the auto-alert emails go out earlier in the day. As all good Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans already know, DON’T PANIC!)


“Can we stop all those emails, please????”

You can reduce the notifications and the scam alerts by extending your renewal period (for up to 10 years). You will need to pay for the extended time up front ($17.50/per extra year), but it will reduce the noise and give you more peace of mind as the window of renewal will be kept at the extended period. Some SEO experts claim this also increases your SEO value. If you would like to extend your renewal period, just let us know how many years to add.




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