Standard Table Based Shipping (Zone)

Standard Table Based Shipping (Zone) is a table-based shipping calculator that lets you set shipping fees based on the shoppers’ “Cart Total.” 

You put in the amount to charge for different ranges of cart totals. You can have as many or as few breakdowns as you want. You can use it to offer free shipping over a certain amount, as well. 


In this example we have set up 5 different ‘tiers’ to charge different shipping fees for, ranging from $15 to $75. The left column is the cart total cutoff (upper bound), and the right column is the amount to charge. 

The last line is what to charge for everything above the last value. Our example sets $17 as the most you will ever charge for shipping and anything above th $75.00 will $0.00 or FREE. This is the recommended metod for setting free shipping if you are wanting to off multiple calculators and may be preferred to setting “Free Shipping” in the Edit Cart setup

You can add lines for more “granularity,” or delete them to have fewer shipping-cost tiers. You can also skip fields, and the last field will still work as expected.

Always order your left-hand column values from smallest to greatest.  That’s obvious, right? For example, if we had swapped our second and third options (the 30.00 and the 50.00), our calculator may not work as expected.

“Tax Class:” this lets you charge tax on shipping.
“Apply Tax… within state:”would only tax in-state shipping.

“Disregard Shipping Overrides… (except handling fees):” The calculator would ignore per-product shipping overrides except the ones set to be “handling fees.” If you don’t need this function, don’t check this box.

Add Shipping Option: This allows you to create another shipping table to offer to your shoppers. For example you could set up 2 different offerings to your shoppers; i.e. Standard Ground Shipping and Expedited Shipping

You could also create different tables and assign them to different zones. Through Zones you can assign countries to better control your shipping calculations as well as offerings.


Per-product shipping over-rides


You can over-ride the shipping calculator on a per-product basis! That means, when you’re editing a product, you can set a “shipping override” amount, and use it either as a flat fee or a “handling fee” ON TOP OF the calculated shipping amount. 

Product-based shipping overrides are useful for things that are heavy (blocks), or light (Gift Certificates). 





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