Canada Post

Canada Post is the most common domestic shipping system in Canada, much like USPS is for the US. This shipping module communicates with your Canada Post account to deliver shipping quotes to your shoppers. This shipping module relies on accurate weights for the products to provide a good shipping estimate. If there is no weight provided for the cart then it defaults to 1 pound. 


The Canada Post Shipping Module is formatted for restricted access. Please contact if you are needing this module enabled. 


Third Party

Before you can use the module you will need an account with Canada Post:


Module Configuration

Once you have your Canada Post account ready you can enable the Canada Post shipping module and configure it:


Production – Makes real quotes and talks to the real servers.

Testing – Talks to a fake server for basic testing.

Customer Number

Your Canada Post customer number from your profile page

Postal Code

This should be populated with the postal code of the location that shipment will come from (i.e… Your store or warehouse postal code)


The “Production Key” and “Development Key” you will need to get from the Canada Post website. You will need to be logged in and then navigate to the Developer Program page where you will be prompted to join. Follow the directions on joining their “Developer Program”. Once you have finished joining they will provide you with your keys. 

Handling Fee

If you require charging a handling for each order you can populate this field with a number (i.e… 2 or 2.00). Numbers and decimal point only.

Services Offered

Each shipping service available to your account will be shown in a list, each with a checkbox indicating if that service is offered by the website for shipping or not. This list is updated once every 24 hours when you configure the module.


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