New Site Setup

Hi! Here are a few Site Setup items you need to check over. The default settings are good, and we’ve pre-configured as much as we can. Please double-check our work, and fine-tune things to suit your preferences. The videos are helpful references to go along with the explanations at each step.

Check or configure:

Contact and Store Info – video (store info) – Contact Info appears on the site, and the Store Info appears on receipts.
Taxes – Your sales tax rate
Shipping – video – Set shipping costs for shoppers. The “Flex” calculator is good, and you can override the shipping on heavy items.
Payment – video – Most people use the “MANUAL” processor, and run the card in the store.
Configuration – video – Turn off Gift Wrap and Coupons, for example.

First! Open a new browser window and log in to your site’s Admin “backend.” That way you can make the changes, and follow the instructions here.

You should have an email from Specialty Toys Network with your Administrator  (/administrator) Address, and your Username and Password. If you don’t have it, please email or call to get it re-sent.

Next! Click through the steps below. You can click ‘next’ after you’ve finished each step.

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