Mobile Version

Standard Mobile

As part of the launching of your new site, you will want to setup/enable the mobile version of your site. If your site is brand new, we may have already done this for you, so you all you need to do is proof the setup and make changes to meet your needs.  This is an information only version of your site and has no shopping cart capabilities. It is a simple version for you to manage and has no cost associated with it. To set this up, please check out the help documentation on the Mobile Component >>>


eCommerce Mobile

The e-Commerce mobile site version is a great way for you to show and sell your products to those customers who are using smart phones. Unlike the standard mobile site component, the e-Commerce mobile version was developed to support full product display, promotional marketing, and shopping cart checkout – all on the mobile platform. Due to the complexities involved in preparing the e-Commerce mobile site, there is not a self-service component in place, like there is for the standard mobile site. To get your e-Commerce mobile site up and going, please complete the e-Commerce Mobile Sign Up form. Please note: there is a one-time setup fee for an eCommerce Mobile site.


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