Domain contact email

To update the Administrative Contact information for your website’s domain, please follow the help link below for your registrar service. help page: How to Update Your Domain’s  Administrator Contact Information
~ Following the instructions, change the contact email to “

Network Solutions help page: How To View Or Update WHOIS Contacts
~ Following the instructions, assign the Administrative Contact to “Another person you select by entering a valid User ID
~ Our Network Solutions ID is: 35035831


If you do not see your registrar service listed above, please contact them directly for support, and let us know so that we can update this help page.

To find the domain registrar for your registered domain name:

  1. Open a browser and go to the Internic home page at

  2. Click Whois.

  3. In the Whois box, type your domain name (for example,

  4. Click the Domain option, and then click Submit.

  5. On the Whois Search Results page, in the Registrar field, find the name of the organization that is providing registrar service for the domain name that you entered (usually a company).


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