Manual Credit Card Processing

With the ‘Manual’ Credit Card Processor, your site will capture credit card information from your shoppers during checkout, but will not send the credit card data to any merchant account or gateway. You, as Account Administrator, will be responsible for compiling the credit card information and running it through your existing terminal.


What happens during checkout?
During checkout, the customer enters their credit card information. As long as they enter normal card details and their billing information matches, the cart will accept their credit card data as supplied. No check for funds happens. 


What happens after checkout?
The credit card number is split in two parts for security purposes. Part of it will be stored in the order information and the other part will be e-mailed to you. You will combine the number, and manually key it into your store credit card machine or POS.


Where do find the card details?
The last four digits of the credit card number will be sent to you in the Purchase Order (the notification email sent by the shopping cart to the store’s email address on record ). 


The other part of the credit card number is stored in your List of Orders:

Login to the back-end administration of your site, go to the Shopping Cart >> Orders >> List Orders


Then select the order to open it, so you can see the order details.



At the bottom-right of the order details page, you will see the first portion of the credit card number. Combining the 2 numbers together will give you the complete credit card number, allowing you to enter in the number manually into your in-store card terminal or point of sale system.




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