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Add Products to your Checkout Cart from a Special Link

Here’s how to add a product to the your cart using a URL.

In other words, you can create a special product page, or send out an email with a link that will add an item right to the cart wihout having to go to the product details page.

URL structure:

http://<<YOUR>>/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.cart&func=cartAdd&product_id=<<ITEM ID>>&quantity=<<ITEM QTY>>


example 1: Adding one Item to the cart 

Buy the Bump And Go Alien


example 2: Adding several Items to the cart (as of 1/1/2014, this example 2 method is currently no longer supported. Please check back for updated methods of adding multiple items)

Buy this art starter kit![]=1&sku[]=intpg02025[]=1&sku[]=alex1&basket[]=1&sku[]=tgtg_ho11_tg04201&basket[]=1&sku[]=tgtg_sp13_153012



A few notes:

  • <<ITEM QTY>> is the quantity of the items you want to add to the cart

  • <<ITEM ID>> is the product’s Item id (not the SKU). Use the In-Line editor’s column settings to display the item ID

  • item-id

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