Making mobile-friendly content images

Images help your site look great and add to the interest of the page…

Desktop View

However, images can become stretched on a mobile screen if they are not set to the right size.
Mobile View
so when adding or changing an image, Right-click it and select Image Properties:
Image Properties
From that dialog, select the Advanced tab:
Among other things that may be listed on this page, you should see a width and height, as shown here (may be some variance in order):
To make sure this image is mobile-friendly, follow these steps:
  1. Remove the height measurement. The image will maintain its aspect ratio based on the image width.
  2. Add “max-” in front of width to tell it the image may be no wider than the size that was set as the standard width.
  3. Add “width:100%;” to the style code, so that if the screen is thinner than the max width set above, the image will scale to be 100% the width of the screen.
Be sure to save your changes and proof on a mobile device.
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