Basics of the Product Editor

Introduction to the In-Line Product Editor

From the Control Panel, select Shopping Cart, then select the Product Editor


Note: You can have multiple product editors pages open, but data between them may not be updated until you refresh the list.

The In-Line Product Editor has Rows of products, Columns of attributes, and a Configuration menu.

  1. Rows: Products are listed with checkboxes next to them. You can select more than one product, and many editing operations work with multiple products.
  2. Filters: You can quickly find products by typing into the boxes near the top of the table.
  3. Configuration: Clicking the “gear icon” near the top-left of the table allows you to customize the layout of the table. There is also a menu for managing previously saved layouts. The lower “Actions” dropdown allows you to perform operations on products such as “Delete,” “Edit,” or “Unpublish.” This is helpful if you can’t right-click on products in the list.


You can make changes right in the Product List

  • Unpublish or Delete multiple products – right click or use the dropdown menu (“Actions”) at top left.
  • Make new products (right click, choose “New,” or use the Action menu)
  • Change prices, stock quantities, names, SKUs, etc
  • Click in a field to rename, change a SKU, price, etc.
  • Easily reassign manufacturers and categories. 
  • Assign Discounts, allow Gift Wrapping.

You can make changes to multiple products at once:

  • Click the leftmost checkboxes of multiple products, and edit as above
  • The column you are editing will turn orange on the affected products to show that you are making changes
  • You will be asked if you really want to make those changes on multiple items

You can change the ordering and column views:

  • “Order by” many of the columns (price, mfg, etc) by clicking on the top label
  • Filter most columns by typing in the box below the top label. (
  • Add more columns using the + button
  • Save views and change the default view with the dropdown under the + button

Right click on a product and choose Edit to bring up the product Editor Window

  • Edit any aspect of a product
  • Add more images, Youtube videos, and file attachments to products
  • Publish and unpublish images (Eye icons – open and closed)
  • Delete images (not the imported image, but you can unpublish it)
  • Choose which image is the thumbnail (<3)
  • Choose related products
  • For more info on the Editor, see our help page on Creating a Product from Scratch



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