International Shipping

You can choose the countries your site will sell to, by using the Country List and the Add Country tool.
These are accessed from your shopping cart’s Admin dropdown: Shopping Cart > Admin > Country > List Countries

Right now, you can allow shipping to different countries (you must have United States at least!), and also deny free shipping on a per-country basis.

Enable a “Ship To” country

To enable a country, go to Shopping Cart > Admin > Country > List Countries



Select [ ] Ship To and [ ] Sell To next to the country you would like to allow shipping to. You can also choose to sell to a country, but not ship to it. Free Shipping can be disabled country-wide from this window as well.



Remove a “ship to” country

 To remove a country as an option to your customers, you can change it’s options by removing the check marks from the  [ ] Ship To and [ ] Sell To boxes.


Don’t see the country you want listed?


Add a new “Ship To” country

To Add a country, choose Add Country from the Admin dropdown. Shopping Cart > Admin > Country > Add Country

NOTE: You don’t have all of the countries and states and don’t want to create them yourself? Put in a ticket and we will do it for you.




Fill out the name, choose the Zone, and enter the two-letter and three-letter country codes. Also set the options on if you want to ship to and/or sell to. 

Country Name: Enter the name of the country you want to ship to.

Free Shipping: This allows you to not offer free shipping for this country. 

Options: Set if you want to “Ship To” or “Sell To” this country. All states under this country will follow this rule.

Country Zone: Assign to the appropriate Zone. If you are creating shipping calculators for specific zones then use this to assign the country to that specific calculator. 

Country Code (2): Enter the country’s 2-letter code. [ List of 2-digit codes:

Country Code (3): The country’s 3-letter code. [ ]


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