Banner Manager

What are Banners?

“Banners” are graphics that you can click on to go to another page on your site, or another site entirely.

The “Banner Manager” lets you set up the “Banner Ads”. A Banner Ad is combination of a graphic and destination link. The most common use for the banner manager is to create promotional banner ads that direct shoppers to categories, products, or services on your site.

Banner Ads can link to a manufacturer on your site (clicking the banner would take a shopper to a page with all the Bazoongi products you sell, for instance), a category (e.g. Summer Fun), content pages on your site (e.g. “Free In-Store Pickup”), or external websites.

The Banner Manager will also track impressions and click-throughs for each banner ad. This is useful if you want to sell banner space on your site. 

Steps to Creating a New Banner Ad

1. Download a graphical banner file from the STN Promo Banners Library

    OR Make your own banner graphics

2. Upload the banner graphic file to your website, within the banners folder.

3. Create and manage clickable banner ads with the Banner Manager.

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