STN Matchup Tool

Product Matchup & Cleanup through the product editor

see also: Product Matchup through the STN PDB Hub


You can create/upload products with a few basic details, and then trigger the system to populate the product details with available data from the STN Product Database: images, detailed descriptions, ages, measurements, videos,keywords, etc, etc. This process can also be used to “reset” any product to the core STN Database details for the product. (See details below on which fields are overwritten).


1. Build your base product(s) with these key bits of data:

  • Product SKU (required)
  • Name (required)
  • Manufacturer *
  • UPC (or ISBN or EAN) *
  • Mfg. SKU *

build a basic product


* Automated matchup queries are performed by checking barcodes, as well as Mfg + Mfg SKU. While the system can matchup with only one reference varaible, having both a barcode and Mfg Name + Mfg SKU will provide more accurate matchup results.

2. Assign any products you want matched to the special product category, “STN Processing/STN Matchup These Items”


assign to special match-up category


3. Trigger the Matchup to start

Return to the main Shopping Cart screen (You can select the Store > Summary to get there)

Main cart window thru summary link

Then click the Product Matchup window.

Product Matchup button

The Matchup service will run right away, checking up to 200 items per request. Please allow the matchup process to complete.

4. Review the results

Return to the product editor to review the results. All items positively matched up will be assigned to the category “ITEMS MATCHED UP”, while items that did not match-up will be assigned to the category “Unable to Match These Items”.

We recommend checking the results for accuracy, and updting category assignements as needed.

matched up results


Matchup Details

  • When an item is matched-up, the following data fields ARE overwritten with details from the STN Product Database:

    • Manufacturer Assignment
    • ISBN
    • EAN
    • Short Description
    • Full Description
    • product images
    • keywords
    • product features
    • package contents
    • batteries
    • safety text
  • … and the following fields are NOT overwritten:

    • SKU
    • Product Name
    • Published status
    • On Special status
    • Gift Wrap status
    • Do Not Tax status
    • Block Coupons status
    • Qty in Stock
    • Price
    • Product Attributes
    • Product Features
    • Prodcut Discount(s)
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