Standard Shipping Module

The Standard Shipping module use weights and zipcodes to determine shipping charges. This shipping calculator gives you more control than any of the other shipping modules and also requires the most work and management. To get an idea of what your zip code ranges should be you can use the USPS Zone Charts:

1. To manage you shipping values you will need to go to “Shopping Cart”


2. Then in the Shopping Cart menu go to “Shipping >> Shipper”

3. You will either have a list of shippers, maybe one shipper titled “Standard Ground”, “Expedited”, “USPS” or nothing at all depending on what has been set for you and your store needs.

4. In our example there are 2 shippers that are created, one that is for local pickup and the other that is for UPS. To edit the rates for these shippers go “Shipping” >> “Shipping Rates”.

5. This will display the rates that are setup for each shipper that you have. This is where you can also create and define more rates for your Shippers.

As you can see from the screen you have the ability to set zip code ranges, weight ranges, shipping fee and packaging fee. This calculator gives you the most control but also requires the most time to set up.


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