Picture Gallery Categories

Step 1. In the back end of your site, go to Components, Picture Gallery, Manage Categories.

From here you can create a new category, or edit an existing one.



Step 2. Click the New button at the top right.


Step 3. Name your new Photo Category.

You must input a Category Title, and a Category Name. These are usually the same.

Write a Description of the category if you like.

Usually you’ll leave Access Level, Parent and Published alone.

Step 4. OPTIONAL: Access Level; Parent; Published.

Access Level: Only change this if you want to restrict access to this photo category to Registered users (shoppers), or Special users (a user type you must create).

Parent: After you’ve made a category, you have the option of ‘nesting’ new categories inside it. For example, a new category called “Party Room” could be a subcategory of “Store Pictures.”

You’d simply choose “Store Pictures” from the Parent drop down, instead of “Top.”

Published: Simply turns the category on or off. You might set Published to “No” until you were finished adding all your photos and descriptions.

Step 5. Hit “Save.”




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