Merging Products

You can MERGE two or more products using the convenient Merge function.

Select two or more products, and right-click to start MERGE.

Example of how to effectively use this function:

1. First use the Find Duplicates commands to identify likely duplicates.

add items to the ‘STN Processing > STN Cleanup These Items’ category

run cleanup Find Marked Duplicates

2. Then FILTER the Category column by ‘duplicate’ and SORT the SKU column by ascending order.

This will group like items together due to how the Find Duplicates function renames SKUs.

3. Select the duplicated items you wan to merge, then RIGHT-CLICK in the blue area to MERGE

… then set merge options, and click ‘Merge Products’


The Primary Product will be used to set



OTHER DETAILS such as fundamentals, ages, etc.


options (the default of checked for each option is usually best)

MERGE CATEGORIES… if unchecked, only category assignements of FINAL SKU item will be used. If CHECKED, all category assignments will be merged together.

MERGE CATALOD IDs… if unchecked, only catalog IDs of FINAL SKU item will be used. If CHECKED, all catalog IDs will be added to merged product

DELETE PRODUCTS… if unchecked, some data will be merged, according to other options. if CHECKED, data will be merged according to options, and non-primary product(s) will be deleted upon merge.

USE INVENTORY DATA… if unchecked, price, stock qty & publish status will be pulled from Primary Product. If CHECKED, price, stock qty & publish status will be pulled from Final SKU product.


The Final SKU Name will be used as the resulting product_sku for the merged item.


note: When your site is setup to use the automated nightly matchup/product create functions from PDBHub, we highly recommend you do not leave partially completed duplicate cleanup work in progress overnight. Use the Undo Duplicates function to clean our the parenthetical “(copy xxxxxx)” in the SKU field prior to leaving for the day. If you leave “copy xxx” items in your site overnight, the PDBHub scripts may add yet another version of the same product to your site if it does not see an existing main SKU for the item. See also Cleanup Tools


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