Gift Wrap settings

One of the most important items to set in Configuration is to offer Gift-Wrapping, or not.

You can set the price of gift wrapping, or turn it off entirely, here. If you want to offer free gift wrapping, set the value to “0” or “Free.”

 Go to Shopping Cart >> Configuration >> Global Tab >> Price



You can then choose to set the Gift Wrapping option:


 – or –


Important! Turning off Gift-wrapping here will affect your site globally.This is the big switch that turns Gift-wrapping on or off.

Turn it off, and gift-wrapping will no longer be an option for the shopper. The products you flagged to offer gift wrapping on (when you imported or created the product) will no longer show that option to the customer. 
If you turn gift wrapping back on, that option is restored for all the flagged products.



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