Creating Redirects

A Redirect allows you to take visitors to content with an alternative URL, for example you can:

  • Avoid loss of traffic from an old website. If you’ve got old URLs visitors are using, ensure they are going to the right content to avoid loss of traffic.

  • Provide alternative content. If you stop carrying a product you can direct visitors to a product you do carry that they may be interested in.

  • Make it easy for customers to respond to your advertisements while monitoring your investment. For example, is easy to remember and allows you to know how many people responded via your promotion via Google Analytics.

How to Create a Custom Redirect

  1. Login to the Admin >> SEO Manager
  2. Click the Redirects page link

  3. Click New

  4. Enter your desired short URL (the sytem will alert you if you enter a short URL that’s already in use)
  5. Enter your existing long URL (starting with the string after “”)

  6. Save
  7. Front the website front-end, check your new short URL


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