Product Attributes

Product attributes allow you to create product options for the customer to select from. For example if you have a product with multiple colors to select from then you could create an attribute titled Color and then define the colors for them to choose from.


Video: Product Attributes


To add an attribute you will need to have the products edit window open. Then on the “Attributes” tab you will have the option to create an “Attibute List” or a “Custom Attribute List”. 

Attribute form


Attribute List – On this tab/page you will see what options are available with the “Attribute List”. You have the ability to create multiple attributes plus multiple attribute options. You also can modify the price of a product by using brackets [ ] and then adding + or subtraction – or setting = the price. 

Custom Attribute List – This allows you create a field for the shopper to put their information in regards to this product. For example you may require that the shopper puts in the name of the person that the product is intended for so that it can be personalized. 




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