Create a new page

You can create new Static Content pages to add more information to your website. Pages are content, and content is king. Having a site with more information means there are more hooks in the internet to catch search terms. Having more USEFUL information means more people will click your links, and they will stay longer when they get to your site. If you pull people to your site to learn about children, play value, and parenting, then you are building your brand. You’re building your expert value in their minds, and you are building trust with your customers.

Do you have something to say? Can you say it clearly or engagingly, or have someone on staff who can? Then make a new page! 

To Create a New Page:

  1. Press the “Static Content” icon on your Admin (back end) Control Panel.

  2. Press “New” button (top-right)

  3. You now have an empty page.

  4. Click within the content editing area and start creating. 

  5. Press the “Save” Button when you are done.


Below are instruction pages for using the editor:


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