Adding or Removing Store Locations

The following is a general list of items to edit when adding or removing a store location on your website. If you have additional items you are unsure how to edit, please contact your Project Manager.

What to check when adding/removing a store location

  1. Add/Remove Contact for the store location

    1. Using the Contact Editor, add or remove the location from your Contact Us page.

    2. NOTE: If you are adding a new location, you may need to edit the Contact Us menu item’s Parameters via the Menu Manager to display multiple locations correctly.

  2. In your Shipping Module, add/remove location from your In-Store Pickup options, if applicable.

  3. Add/Remove the location (and possibly map) from the Our Location(s) Static Content page from the Static Content Manager.

  4. Add/Remove link from main menu via the Menu Manager by either Adding a New Link or by Unpublishing Old Links.

  5. Mobile Site

    1. If you are using the mobile template, you will need to update your Mobile Configuration.

    2. If you are using eCommerce Mobile, you may need to check your Content Items in the Mobile Content category for a Locations page. The mobile Contact Us page should update when you change the Contact in step 1.

  6. Be sure to check your other Static Content page, such as your Homepage content, About Us or Store Location & Hours pages, if applicable. If adding a new location, content should be added to at least one of these locations.

  7. Read through your help pages (eg. Return Policies, Shipping Rates, etc) and add/remove location information as necessary

  8. Check any forms that your site uses, such as a newsletter signup.

If you have additional items you are unsure how to edit, please contact your Project Manager.


A note about inventory management: You will need to consider how you are going to manage inventory levels, as your site does not allow for separated store inventories: is the the inventory from one store? The combined inventory from all stores? Or something else? Check with your Project Manager for additional assistance.

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