Exporting Product Data

You can use the cart’s CSV Import/Export tools to export almost any product detail. This can be very useful for offline filtering, reporting or backup.


Warning!!: Exporting CSV reports is pretty much risk free, BUT IMPORTING CSV files can compeltely destroy your cart’s product data if short order!

Only use the CSV Import tools when you full understand the process.


Open the tool:

Cart > Products > CSV Import/Export



Export settings:

1. Use the right-hand Export to CSV File settings block to select either Default Ordering (all suported product data fields) or My customized Ordering (only the field assigned in the Configuration tab).

2. select Include column headers if you want them (trust us, you likely do).

3. For an Excel friendly CSV file, you’ll export using comma (,) and quotes (“) as the delimiter and field enclosure characters.  For Open Office, or the backup CSV, we suggest caret (^) and tilde(~).

Note: Why these delimeters? One reason you use caret (^) and tilde (~) is when exporting complex data field, such as the product full description field, which contains html data that will often cause errors in field seperation when using comma (,) and quotes (“)

4. After selecting the desired options, click Export all Products to CSV File, then save the file to your local hard drive.

CSV Import / Export Configuration Save Changes

The Configuration tab is used to set custom fields for Import and Export.

The minimal required fields are product_sku and at least one other field.


Click the Add a new Field link at the botton of the page to add one or multiple fields. 

Click Save Changes once you have the Field parameters set. 



  • You cannot add a field more than once. If you try to add a field that is already used, the Configuration settings will revert to last saved options.
  • We highly suggest you setup field Ordering in a sequential series without skipping any steps. You can setup other field ordering if needed, but this is not typical

Click trash icon to remove a field


Backing Up Product Data

Backup your data with the Backup option.


Offline Backup your data by saving it to your computer. Export the first one with “default ordering,” using ^ and ~ (carat and tilde) as the Delimiter and Field Enclosure Characters.

This is the file you’ll send to support@stoysnet.com if you need to have everything restored.


Note: A product backup has limits: cannot be used to restore all product data such as sales information, and will not restore any deleted files such as images or linked PDF documents.


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