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Hints for taking photos of your own products

When taking photos of your own products for your online store, it’s important to create great looking product photos. Online shoppers want to see great looking products, just the same as if they were in your brick-and-mortar store.

Once way to take better pictures is to use a “light box”, which you can make inexpensively.

Here are a few helpful web pages on building a simple light box:





Camera Resolution (Mega pixels)

When taking digital pictures, you can use a relatively small resolution for use on your online store. Your final full size images should be 500×500 pixels, so a 2 MP digital setting will work fine when capturing.


Processing Images

Product images should be:

  • cropped to 500×500 pixels
  • saved in RGB color format
  • typically saved with a white background
  • saved as .jpg files (compressed to about 70% quality  < this is the ideal in order to make images display super-fast)
  • filename saved without spaces or special characters

Our system will try to resolve some of these issues for you during image upload (auto down-sizing, cleaning up of filenames, etc.). But even so, these auto-changes don’t address everything, so using the above guidelines will help make your site look it’s best.


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