Custom SEF Formulas

Use the SEO manager to create custom SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs.

SEF URLs are the internet addresses for your pages and products that make sense to humans, and add search value to your pages.

You can create your own URL structure for your site. Our default settings are good, but there are advantages to making your own formulas, and the SEO Manager lets you pursue your own strategy.

  • Products – The address of each product on your site.

  • Categories – URLs for category pages

  • Manufacturers – manufacturer and brand landing pages

  • Articles – Static Content pages and content articles

  • Ages – Returns when people are searching by age

  • Gender – display pages when visitors are filtering products by gender

Feel free to experiment with your URL formulas. You can always revert your changes, or go back to the Default STN formulas.

SEF Formulas

Tabs will turn red if you create formulas that allow for conflicts. (Two Easels might end up with the same URL, for example). You need to put in at least one field that is unique. This fail-safe lets different people add lots of products to your site over a long time, without creating conflicting URLs.

 SEO Error Messages


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