Custom Age Ranges

We setup sites with our default Age Ranges, which are filterable data points, based on annual ages, from birth to 13 yrs +.

see it in action:


Custom Age Ranges

You can send us a list of Custom Age Ranges, and we’ll help put those in place for you. Please note a few things about using custom age ranges

  • You will need to re-assign age recommendations for products that you import from the STN Database! These are NOT automatically converted to custom age range values.
  • Your custom age ranges should include a range for every age. In other words, any product you sell (or will sell in the future) will need to have a range(s) that it can fit into. In other words, it can be a lot of work on you to change this later on.


Please send your project manager the exact wording you would like for each level of your custom age ranges.


A Better Option?

Something to consider: Keeping the core 1-13 ids, but link to groups.
There is a middle-ground approach to custom age ranges that often works well and presents less work for store managers. This suggested route is to use our default age ranges as the database structure, but create Custom AGE Range LINKS to groupings. These LINKS can be presented as a sidebar menu, or as a page of thumbnails, etc..



our default Age Ranges:

    Ages 0-1 (id 1)
    Ages 1-2 (id 2)
    Ages 2-3 (id 3)
    Ages 3-4 (id 4)
    Ages 4-5 (id 5)
    Ages 5-6 (id 6)
    Ages 6-7 (id 7)
    Ages 7-8 (id 8)
    Ages 8-9 (id 9)
    Ages 9-10 (id 10)
    Ages 10-11 (id 11)
    Ages 11-12 (id 12)
    Ages 13 & Over (id 13)


example of Custom Age Ranges that use specific custom id’s:

    Newborn (id 1)
    6 to 12 months (id 2)
    1 Year Old & Growing (id 3)
    Toddlers (id 4)
    3 to 5 Years Old (id 5)
    6 to 7 Years Old (id 6)
    8 to 10 Years Old (id 7)
    Preteens (id 8)
    Teens (id 9)
    Adults (id 10)

Custom AGE Range LINKS to groupings example

    Baby’s Early Years (links to both age_id=1,2)
    Toddlers (links to age_id’s =2,3,4)
    3 to 5 Years (links to age_id’s =3,4,5,6) << you can click this example to see it goes to a custom URL with “age_id=3,4,5,6” options set
    6 to 9 Years (etc)

This results in a filtered set like so:

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