Facebook Tips

Here are a few tips on maximizing the usage of your Facebook page:

  • Set your custom Facebook Web Address  – This is important for telling people where to find you. You wouldn’t want to have to tell someone over the phone to look you up at “http://www.facebook.com/pages/STN-Social-Media-Training/311938565574084” when you could change it to “facebook.com/STNSocial”. To change this, click Edit Page > Update Info > In the Facebook Web Address section, click Enter a Facebook web address, then Check the Availability of the username that you want. In some instances, Facebook may not allow you to change your web address if you have less than 25 fans. This is to ensure this page is a real business. Invite your friends and family to Like your page, and once you reach 25, try this process again.

  • Add a link to your site -Next, you will want to add your website’s URL to your Short Description so it is very accessible to anyone that visits your page. To do this, you simply Edit Page > Update Info and put the URL and a short description in the Short Description box and click Save. However, this will not appear on your timeline if your page is listed as a Local Business. The easiest solution is to change the Category (at the top of the Update Info page) to Companies & Organizations and then select Small Business from the secondary category dropdown. This will keep the same info on your about page, but display the Short Description under your Profile Picture.

  • Create custom graphics – You may want to add custom graphics so that your Facebook page matches the style of your website. If you would like STN to make these graphics for you, please contact us at support@stoysnet.com for more information. For a full walkthrough on creating and uploading these images, visit Facebook’s Help pages. If you need the dimensions of the images, they are as follows:

    • Cover Photo – 850px wide x 315px high

    • App Images – 111px wide x 74px high

    • Profile Picture – 160px wide x 160px high (NOTE: When you create this image, it must be uploaded at 180×180. It will then be scaled down to 160×160 automatically.)

Additional Tips

  • Add some past events and milestones to your timeline, so fans can see your company’s history. Be sure to include pictures when possible because Facebook is mostly visual.

  • Add a description of your business, store hours, subcategories, transportation options, and any other important information to your Update Info page so that anyone wanting to visit you can easily find the info that they need.

  • While using Facebook as your Page, Like other related pages so that you can post to their page too, allowing you to reach THEIR fan base, as well as yours. It is always a good idea to ask the Page’s owner for permission to do this, but most of the time it is acceptable cross-advertising, as long as they can post to your page too. This works especially well if you can find a page dedicated to the city or town where your store is located and post to local fans that are not YOUR fans yet.

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