Configure your Shipping

Note: Click here to learn more about the details of each shipping method


You’ll first select the Shipping Methods you want to make active, and then configure each of your active shipping methods.


Step 1. Select your Shipping Methods

Go to Shopping Cart >> Configuration >> Shipping Tab

This  is where you will select the shipping options you want to use.


Step 2. Configure your Shipping Methods

After you have selected your shipping options, you will need to configure them to meet your needs.

Go to Shopping Cart >> Store >> Shipping Module List



Click on Configure Shipping Method under the shipping method (option) that you want to configure.


This will bring up the configuration page where you can adjust the settings for the selected shipping module.


Click here to learn more about the  details of each shipping method

Click SAVE after you’ve adjusted your settings


Note: Each shipping module has different configuration settings.
Click here to learn more about the Shipping Options .



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