Managing Orders


Once your receive notice of a new order, you should login to the site admin and begin to process the order. Here is a suggested routine:

  1. Purchase Order received
  2. Login to the Orders List
    (Shopping Cart >> Orders >> List Orders)
  3. Open new Purchase Order
    Click on the Order Number (in red) to view the purchase order details. If you click on the customer name, you will open their account details, not the order.
  4. Verify the Order Details
    If you have questions about the order, contact the customer to verify the order.
  5. Update the Order Status
    Note: Changing the Order Status will allow you to efficiently process orders, especially if multiple store employees are handling orders. Click here for details on updating the Order Status .
  6. Process the customer’s payment
    If you are using real-time credit-card processing, verify payment. If you are using offline credit-card processing, charge the card and then verify payment. Note: For offline credit-card processing, the customer’s credit card number is split up for extra security. How to find this >>
  7. Ship the Order
  8. Update the Order Status
    Note: The Order Status Comments are a great way to log tracking numbers.

We suggest you leave completed orders in the Order List for a while so that you and your customers can review past orders if needed. 

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