Gateways and Merchant Accts

What’s the difference between a Payment Gateway and a Merchant Account?

For automatic payments online (as the shopper checks out, a third party service authorizes & charges their card), you will need both a Payment Gateway and a supported Merchant Account. In some cases, such as Stripe or Paypal, the gateway and merchant processor are bundled into one system. If you are using Manual Offline processing (run the card with your terminal), you won’t need a Gateway Account.

A Payment Gateway is the system that enables your website to securely send payment details to the Merchant Account.

Merchant Account is a Credit Card processing service that authorizes, charges, and handles refunds on a customer’s credit card. The merchant account also transferrs the payments to your bank account. 

Supported Bundled Services:

Supported Gateways:

Supported Merchant Accounts (processors): works with a variety of supported credit card processors:

  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions / Vital / VisaNet
  • Chase Paymentech
  • Elavon / Nova
  • First Data (Nashville / FDCN / FDMS / Envoy)
  • First Data Omaha (FDCO / FDR-First Data Resources)
  • Global Payments (GPS / GPN / NDC)
  • WorldPay / RBS Lynk / Lynk Systems
  • Heartland Payment Systems
  • AmexDirect

see Current list of Supported Processors








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