Default Address

This address will receive any mail sent to an invalid email address for the current domain. The default address is also commonly called a “catch-all address.”

It is possible to define how the default address handles the incoming messages.

Set Up a Default Address

To set up your default address:

Note: If your domain is targeted by spammers, forwarding mail to a default address is likely to yield a large amount of spam.

  1. Log in to your website’s Control Panel.

  2.  Go to the Mail tab > Click  Mail Settings > Click on your account’s domain.
    Change Settings

  3. You can choose what to do with emails sent to addresses that don’t exist, like “”.  You can:

    1. Bounce with message

      • This option will send a reply to the sender that lets them know the email address they sent the message to does not exist.

      • It is always a good idea to supply the sender with a correct email so they can contact you.

    2. Forward to address

      • This will forward emails sent to nonexistent addresses to whichever user email you choose.

    3. Reject

      • This option will simply delete any messages sent to an unused email address.

Click OK to save changes.

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