UPS Shipping Module

The UPS shipping module uses the weight of your products to determine the shipping cost.This means that your products will need to have a shipping weight or else the UPS calculator will not work properly. If there is no weight assigned to the product the the calculator will default to 1 LB for each product that does not have a weight set.

The UPS shipping module gets the shipping costs directly from the UPS website. It takes your store’s Zip code and then the customer’s zip code and the total weight from the shopper’s cart to calculate costs. You can use the existing Specialty Toys Network access login if you wish, but be sure to update the “Ship From Zip Code” to your shipping location. 

The first portion of the UPS shipping calculator is the configuration screen:


On this screen you will see the many options that you have for setting up your UPS shipping. The first group of fields (UPS access code, UPS user id, UPS password) you can get this information from the team at Specialty Toys Network if it isn’t already filled in.


The second group of fields has to do with UPS calculations to use.

UPS Pickup Method: Select which applies to you. This selection does affect the calulcation/cost of shipping.

UPS Packaging?: Select which one applies to you. Package is the typical one. This also changes this the shipping calculation cost.

Residential Delivery?: Select which one applies to your business. This is also taken into account when calculating shipping costs.

Handling Fee: Placing a dollar value in this field will add to the shipping cost. This handling fee is a single charge per order and does not get compounded by the number of products in the shopping cart.

Apply Handling Fee to Shipping Overrides: If the product that is in the shopping cart has a shipping Override and this checkbox is checked then the handling fee defined in the “Handling Fee” field will be added to the shipping Override valus that is set up on the products.

Tax Class: You can define a tax class that this shipping module will use if you need to charge a tax for shipping. See taxes to learn more about managing taxes in your shopping cart.

Apply tax only when shipping within state: If you are only needing to charge tax on shipping charges if the items are beeing shipped within your state.

Ship From Zip Code: This should be populated with your ship from location’s zip code. This is used by UPS to calculate the shipping charges. So this is very important!



ups shipping offerings

Here you can select which shipping options you want to provide for international shipping. By default the STN cart is not set up to allow international shipping in the checkout process. This can be added so please contact your STN manager to discuss this as an option. There are business decisions that will want to think through prior to adding this as an option.

You can also adjust the UPS Fuel Surcharge rates. At this point, UPS updates their fuel surcharges on a monthly basis. More info:

TIP! Whenver adjusting or setting up a new shipping calculator, test your settings on the front-end by placing a few test orders.


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